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    Yesterday I have received a letter from LAVG that says I have a debt of 184 euros towards the provider ZIggo. I have never signed a contract with Ziggo for their services. I have never received invoices for the months that they are stating that I was using their services. This morning I contacted them, to find out what is going on. They were sooooo rude, asking me my personal info (name, address) and some 'customer ziggo number' - which I don't have because I've never been a customer to them. And I told them how can you ask me something that I don't have because it never happened? And he hangs up on me!

    For the three years that I am living in the NL, I was always renting private rooms and all those services and utilities were done by the landlords. Basically, I have never had to deal with it. They literally stole and took advantage of my personal info from the official kvk website, because I exist there as a business. But I am not a business, I am just a freelancer. And so many times I was literally abused by phone from Ziggo employees trying to sell me their service, and I was always telling them 'NO THANK YOU', but the landlord is the one who is choosing the provider, not me .
    They literally set me up for some business account services! They never had my approval, I don't have anything with them. Never signed anything with them!
    I'm curious what kind of proof did they give to LAVG in order for them to send me this letter?

    Ana 24 september 2020

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