• Adam
    Targetpay not paying money they owe 0 reacties

    Targetpay owes my company money and had been paying me every month for around 3 years after going through a rigorous KYC process where they even made me join the chamber of commerce before they would release funds (which is absolutely ridiculous and only forced upon me because they were trying everything they could to avoid paying me in the first place.).

    Our bank changed jurisdictions and had their wire information changed as a result payments bounced back to Targetpay.

    I have been trying for 4 months to get an invoice from them so I could receive final payment and close my account with them an d now they are trying to force myself and old business partners from half a decade ago to go through another full KYC validation process telling me that it is going to cost 2 thousand euro.

    This is after 4 months of asking for simply an invoice from them and being ignored and passed to 3 different representatives.

    For them to do this type of thing for a relatively small amount of money owed during a pandemic is shameful.

    We are just preparing a letter of demand now and will be having a lawyer in the Netherlands prepare a civil suit against them with additional punitive damages and legal fees.

    All of this for no reason as they could just simply the invoice to an account that received monthly payments for years and already went through a rigorous KYC compliance check.

    Your company should be ashamed of yourself.

    Adam 3 oktober 2020