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    Horrible company, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Bought a Spirit bike, arrived with a flat (busted) tire and missing plugs. After calling for 10 times over a period of 3 weeks they finally sent another tire which again exploded while putting air it in (definitely not too much air!). Then I bought a good inner tube myself, they did not respond any more.

    Fast forward I have the bike for 1 year and 4 days after 'purchase date' but as you can see I have only used it for some 11 months with this initial hassle. Now there is 1,5 cm of play in the 'cassette' which is used to shift gears. Also bearing balls are falling out, terrible quality! Have called them 8 times over the past 2 weeks and sent 3 emails. Every time you call they make you wait 20-30 minutes and then a very rude person answers the phone, uninterested in your story, constantly interupting and then saying they can't help you because "they don't have access to customer data"... saying you have to put it all over the emails to which they will then reply WHICH THEY NEVER EVER DO! The next day I would call again and you would get another promise "100% you will be called / emailed before 15:00 h"... never ever happens, total lies.

    This is a total scam company run by people who do not give a damn about customer service or just basic friendly human behavior. I ended up taking this bike to my local bicycle repair show which cost 70 euro (after one year of purchasing the bike for 270 euro). The worst thing is that while I was told over the phone by Fietsenplaats that "warranty on parts is one year and since you are 4 days over this period we will not do anything about this", the nice people from this local repair shop told me it's EU regulation that you have 2 (!) years of warranty on parts on all bikes sold in the Netherlands! So it was a total lie. I think the approach of Fietsenplaats is to keep you busy for so long that eventually you give up.. and they have won.

    If anything people, please spent you money elsewhere, I read the reviews too thinking it would be okay and the price is nice and 'how bad can it be'... trust me it's bad you do not want to give these crooks anymore business!

    Arjan 24 april 2020

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