• Khromachou
    Befor You make abonnement 0 reacties

    Before you make abonnement read this carefully.
    I made abonnement as you see they said it is unlimited (that is not true is limited 40G by Monthly) the data is slow.
    They don't have telephone number se4vice to call in case you have problem. And you they don't answer by mail. Only by chat from PC (no tablet, no phone,,,)

    So i cancel the abonnement which cost me in 1 week 20 euros plus 15 euros connection( 35 euros in week) and now i don't have internet two days till they answer me that i used more 40G so it us over (no data internet till the next month)
    So if you like to have the sane make abonnement with them

    I don't recommend

    Khromachou 1 september 2020

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